Alaska Exposed...Progress

Over the last few months we've been developing alaska exposed online resources...the main focus being to test the technologies and how they might function and perform from rural sites.

nash05 073
Multimedia Lab Nunivak Island Summer Science Camp, Bering Sea

To that extent, we've aligned ourselves to take advantage of many new and upcoming services and web media features. Content providers include University Students, Local Public Broadcasting entities, Technologists et al. We're preparing to make the next leap with students dedicated to expanding delivery in numerous areas of interest.


There are also some new resources and projects that are becoming available as well...here are somecurrent uses, strategies and the upcoming rollouts.

iPod Project Development with the Center for Distance Education:

Pod/Vodcasting Developments:




Software Being Utilized:

Sorenson / compression for .flv conversion

iTunes / desktop conversion mp3 mac and win (free)

Muvee / for cool automatic video production (win)

Final Cut / for video editiing

Audacity / for audio editing (free)

Dubit / for quick slideshow creation


Hardware Utilized:

JK Audio Interface / for audio blogger via telephone

iPods / for quick audio collection and transfer

Sony PDX10 / primary field camera

Apple G5 / primary editing lab


Public archiving and publishing:

videoaddon / flash video conversion, archiving and distribution

audioblogger / . mp3 audio archiving and distribution

Internet Archive / building a digital library

Ourmedia / public media archiving

audioblog / pay for publishing service